About this course

The first degree Reiki course teaches the basic theories and procedures of how to work with Reiki energy. The channel through which Reiki energy passes to the practitioner is said to be opened or widened through four "attunements" given to the student by the teacher. Students learn hand placement positions on the recipient's body that are thought to be most conducive to the healing process in a whole body treatment. Having completed the first degree course, the participant can treat himself and others with Reiki. The course duration is typically two days, although this varies widely.


Who and at what age a person can learn Reiki? Is there any minimum education or other criteria to learn Reiki?

Age : 7- 8 to any age , Education : Any or No Higher education required to learn reiki. To Learn Reiki eligibility is not education or age but one who wish and willing to learn Reiki can join Reiki workshop and become Reiki Practitioner.

Any religion can learn reiki . Reiki practice can help and support in everyone religious progress. Reiki never become hurdle in any religion.

Yes, If anyone suffering from serious illness or having gone thru operation can learn Reiki and doing regular practice they can come out from pain and illness.

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