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Shree.Vrund Shah
Famous Grand Master has Conducted REIKI, Crystal, EFT, Numerology, Meditation & Vastu Consultancy all over the India Successfully. He is the one of the best Healer & Trainer volunteer in mass Healing Camps & Given Miraculous results within three days Since Last 15 years, in cases like Backache, Paralysis, Cancer, HIV, T.B. & Other Chronic Diseases and other problems like financial, family, business, depration or etc problems and through it, he was awareded Gem Of Reiki and so many times awareded Gold Medal by the hand by U R F. Shri Vrund Shah has devoted his life toward Spiritual Healing Systems since 2003. He is known for his excellent achievement in healing power, positive thinking, attitude and above all he has got that extraordinary vision. He is known for his counseling, compassionate nature, firm words which has brought difference in many people’s life. He Has seen lots of hardships and struggles in his younger days, his life has never been a bed of roses. He accepted all the challenges with open mind and smile on his face.
● Academic Qualification – B.com, PGDCA, Msc(IT), Grand Master Reiki & Crystal, & Special Areas are – Numerology, Vastu, Bio Energies, E.F.T..

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